Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CA Residents Want Arco to Dig Out Contamination

March 30, 2010 - A group of five residents in Seal Beach, California has submitted a report to the Orange County Health Care Agency saying Arco's plan to clean up an old gas leak that has contaminated the soil in their neighborhood isn't good enough.

The Technical Advisory Committee, which is comprised of five residents who volunteered to take part in reviewing Arco's cleanup plan, said they want Arco to further study the impact, excavate the site and beautify the neighborhood in order to diminish fear and stigma of contamination in the community.


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People Investigating Toxic Sites said...

The groundwater contamination may be from a much larger source than the Arco Gas Station. Have the residents done title searches of their properties to help determine if the land was previously used by the adjacent Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station? The homes, like the nearby Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge, may be on an old military landfill. More research needs to be done before assuming the contamination came from underground tanks at one gas station.