Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Michigan Plant site spends years as eyesore

March 30, 2010- The property at 12802 Kercheval is like too many other properties scattered across Detroit -- empty, abandoned and deteriorating. It has been this way for 12 years, ever since Continental Aluminum packed up and moved to the suburbs.

For nearly 30 years near Algonquin and Kercheval, Jamesetta Fox, 70, has held down her corner with a well-kept house and freshly cut lawn.
But her picturesque plot is in the shadow of the Continental plant, particularly its 10-story-tall water tower. She would like to move, but sees little chance of being able to sell her home, so close to the former aluminum smelting plant. In a perfect world, she said, the plant would have been torn down a long time ago.


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