Friday, December 2, 2011

Marine Corps Removes Contested Contamination Pamphlet

By: Duane Craig

USMC pulls controversial water contamination booklet

According to an story, The United States Marine Corps has taken down a document on its website that was contradictory to the real contamination that affected its water system over many years.
Its action however only comes after calls for its removal by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, and three North Carolina legislators, and then only after months of delay. Now, the corps says the document is only down temporarily while it is updated and revised so that it will "provide decision makers and the public with accurate and sufficient information about Camp Lejeune so that decisions that are made are informed by the science."
This story goes back a long ways and you can pick up background on it here, here, here and here. This latest news revolves around a 33-page pamphlet that went to every congress person and was then placed on the Marine's web page dedicated to the Camp Lejeune water system. The pamphlet said their were no conclusive results about the chemicals in the Camp's water and that further study wouldn't do any better. This was stated despite the fact that benzene contamination was discovered.
Some people are disappointed enough to request the corps to send mailings to all the people in the camp's water registry alerting them to the erroneous information since many of them may not be aware they were misinformed.

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