Thursday, June 9, 2011

New Haven Remediation Includes Plans for Ecological Preserve

By Duane Craig

The Pharmacia & Upjohn manufacturing complex at 41 Stiles Lane in North Haven, Connecticut, enters the contamination cleanup stage. Eventually, the space will be developed as an outdoor site and for light industrial and other commerce.

First, they’ll install a below-ground barrier wall to prevent the toxic recipe of PCBs, volatile organics and lead from reaching the Quinnipiac River. Already underway is the removal and treatment of contaminated soil. Part of the overall plan includes establishing strict land use regulations.

Pharmacia & Upjohn’s parent company, Pfizer, will pick up the $150 million tab. Property owners over the years had routinely disposed of manufacturing wastes and wastewater treatment residuals on the land. Seventeen acres will be cleaned up for commercial use and another 60 acres will become tidal marshes, inland wetlands and inland meadows. Those will be held as an ecological preserve and used largely for education.

There are several Environmental Protection Agency cleanups going on in New Haven. Interestingly, in March, New Haven County was named the least healthy of all Connecticut counties with 13 percent of residents saying their health was fair to poor.

Read more about the Stiles Lane cleanup here and here.

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