Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Case of Burning Soil

by Duane Craig

Contamination doesn’t have to come from some long-closed factory or manufacturing facility. Take the case of the couple in California who can ignite the soil taken from around their home.

The couple maintains there’s a natural gas leak, but the local authorities say they can’t find any evidence of one. There have been instances of homes on slabs being blown off their slabs from the days when gas lines were buried below the foundations. In this case the couple claims they live with a faint gas odor from time to time and there was a gas pipe nearby that ruptured one Halloween night last year.

To prove the problem the couple have dug small holes in the floors in their guest and dining rooms and when holding a flame over the holes fire shoots upward. A neighbor used his own gas detector and got a positive reading from the soil outside the couple’s home.

Fire officials have visited the home and can’t find any evidence of errant natural gas but they were impressed enough with the fire-coming-from-the-holes-in-the-floor-demonstration to ask the gas company for a second opinion.

Read the entire fascinating story, here.

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