Monday, March 7, 2011

Vapor Intrusion May Be Small Issue in New Providence, New Jersey

by Duane Craig

Vapor Intrusion testing in New Jersey
There has perhaps been some good news on the vapor intrusion front in New Providence, New Jersey, where only one of 19 homes tested came up positive. The testing is going on in the wake of the discovery in 1996 of a plume of trichloroethylene (TCE) in the groundwater below the homes.

New tests were done in November and December of last year to see if there is any vapor intrusion into homes in a different section of town. A homeowner and a church have received negative results on that test so far. The plume extends from an Alcatel Lucent property and covers about 490,000 square feet below South Street, Candlewood Drive and Mountain Ave.nue The home that previously returned the positive result had an air recirculating system installed that removes the basement air and vents it to the outdoors. So far that home has not had any more positive test results.

Other things are coming up rosy for Alcatel Lucent in the area too. Just about five miles down the road in Berkeley Heights, it is enjoying a 42 percent reduction in taxes on a 153-acre property there. That community will loose $952,000 in 2011 because of the settlement reached in the five year-old tax appeal case.

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