Friday, April 9, 2010

Pompton Lakes NJ forum introduces polluted neighborhood to vapor-venting options

April 9, 2010- Residents living above a pollution plume trickled into a church center all day and evening Tuesday eager for information from independent contractors about installing a vapor-venting system in their homes. "I haven't had a system put in because I hear that so many things are wrong with the ones already installed," said Lorelle Pepper of Grant Avenue, who attended the vapor-intrusion contractor's forum held in the Carnevale Center of St. Mary's Church hoping to "find a contractor I'm interested in."

For nearly two years, state and federal health officials have joined DuPont in urging residents in homes atop a plume of groundwater contaminated by the company's former plant to have vapor mitigation systems installed. The systems reduce exposure to toxic vapors, which can work their way up into basements from the groundwater below.


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