Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pompton Lakes NJ Residents Can Choose From 280 Contractors to Remove DuPont Contamination From Homes

February 10, 2010- The state has issued a list of approved vendors and a price limit for Pompton Lakes residents who want to hire their own contractors rather than rely on the company chosen by DuPont to install venting systems to remove toxic vapors from their homes.

The DEP has provided a list of more than 280 approved contractors.

The design, installation and post-mitigation reporting should not exceed $6,950, while operation and maintenance costs the first year should not exceed $1,800, the DEP said.
State and federal health officials have been pushing residents in homes atop a plume of groundwater contaminated by the former DuPont plant to have vapor mitigation systems installed to reduce their exposure to the toxic fumes, which can work their way up into basements from the groundwater below.


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