Friday, January 22, 2010

Contamination in the Eugene, OR Groundwater Doesn't Just Go Away Overnight

January 22, 2010- People living in the Trainsong neighborhood of Eugene have been waiting to find out if their homes are being affected by vapors from contaminated groundwater from the Union Pacific railyard.

The state started looking into the potential for contamination back in 2006. On Thursday, they issued the results of a year-long study of homes located near the rail yard. Investigators have been taking a very close look at nine homes in the trainsong area. They've been measuring and comparing vapor levels in the soil and the crawlspaces of those homes, as well as monitoring the air inside and outside those homes.


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People Investigating Toxic Sites said...

It sounds like the homes may have been built on or near an old dumpsite. I recommend a property title search and research of old maps of the Trainsong neighborhood to help determine previous land-use.