Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Santa Monica Residents Continue Saying No to the Airport

By: Duane Craig

Residents near California's Santa Monica airport have stepped up their efforts to publicize the negative effects the facility has on the quality of their lives. Citing noise, pollution and safety concerns, the citizens are holding public rallies, according to an article in the Santa Monica Daily Press.

One prime concern is the lead contamination from small propeller planes that still use leaded fuel and the effect that has on Santa Monica's reputation as a green city. People have been trying for 10 years to get the airport closed down, but according to the Federal Aviation Administration, that isn't going to happen anytime soon. The FAA claims the airport has to operate forever, even with an impending expiration date on grant obligations. The date is in question as Santa Monica activists say the grant obligations expire in 2015, while the FAA says they don't expire until 2023.

An area bounded by Pico Boulevard, Lincoln Boulevard, Venice Boulevard and Nathan Shapell Memorial Highway takes the brunt of the airport's negative effects. Residents in Santa Monica who live near the airport claim they don't really benefit from its presence and that makes the negatives even harder to bear. Activists have been open to many options including changing some of the airport's operations and limiting the presence of large jets.

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Anonymous said...

Residentsn should either accept where they have chosen to live or relocate somewhere there is no airport, like the antelope valley. This airport has been here since 1917.