Thursday, February 2, 2012

Contaminated Bayou Waterway Falls Prey To Political Shenanigans

By: Duane Craig

Cedar Bayou is a meandering stream that forms the boundary between Harris and Chambers Counties. It drains into Galveston Bay and the floodplain that surrounds it is considered to be a critical wildlife habitat.

In 2002 Cedar bayou was listed in the state’s list of impaired water bodies because of dioxin being found in edible water life. In 2006, an impairment was added because of bacteria, and in 2008, polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, were found in edible water life as well. The bayou has a drainage area of more than 200 square miles, 128 open stream miles and flows through land occupied by 32,592 people.

Residences and parks line the Harris County side of the bayou while the Chambers County side plays host to industry. A seven-member board oversees the waterway and recently the Chambers side attempted to oust the two board members from the Harris side, according to this story in the Houston Chronicle. The plotters developed a bill to introduce in the state’s legislature that would take away the Harris County board members’ rights to vote and the next Harris County member due to rotate into the president’s position would be stopped from doing so. Read the fascinating story at the link above.

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