Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Five Causes of Soil Contamination Every Homebuyer Should Know About

By: Rian Murray

Purchasing a home is the biggest financial commitment most people will make in their lifetime. Considering that fact alone, it’s no wonder most buyers request home inspections first. After all, nobody wants to buy a deficient home filled with safety hazards. A thorough home inspection provides a buyer that peace of mind.

But can a home inspection give one a false sense of security?

When purchasing a home, most buyers only inspect the physical structure. They fail to take into account the condition of the surrounding land. This imprudent practice could expose a family to major health risks, namely soil contamination.

Soil contamination is the presence of man-made chemicals in soil.

Those who come into contact with polluted soil could experience health issues including learning disorders and kidney failure among other things. Toxic vapors from the contaminants can be inhaled in some cases.

The diligent homebuyer should know five causes of residential soil contamination.

    Mines, Foundries, or Smelters
    Gas stations
    Construction sites
    Underground petroleum storage tanks

Each of these has the ability to leach harmful contaminants into the soil. If purchasing a home near one of these potential causes, it would be wise to survey the land first.

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