Thursday, September 15, 2011

Halliburton Returns to Duncan to Clean Up

By Duane Craig

Duncan, Oklahoma boasts city lakes, historical locations and the flowers of Crape- myrtle. It sits just a smidgin southeast of Lawton with a wide open area to its east. From 1919 to 1961 Duncan was the home to Halliburton, and recently the company discovered it may have left some things behind when it moved corporate offices to Houston and Dubai.

Perchlorate has found its way into 18 water wells there on the city's north side. It is thought the perchlorate came from Halliburton's previous work there of removing and burning spent missile fuel from missile casings. The company so far is supplying bottled water to residents and a temporary water supply system where needed. It is also reimbursing residents for health screening costs and is continuing to investigate the problem.

Read the story here. Find out more about Duncan, here.

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Anonymous said...

The wells affected are more like 98 now instead of just 18. It continues to spread. Halliburton has not filed a plan with DEQ to do anything to clean up the pollution. No intent to clean is known.
This may be a perfect example of corporate america becoming the feudal lords of citizens rights.
There is preassure to "sell" water rights and property to Halliburton.