Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Water Tank Mysteriously Contaminated with Too Much Chlorine

A water tank holding potable water near Annetta, Texas, became the source of a mysterious chlorine contamination. The tank is behind a fence but part of that fence appeared damaged when the local sheriff went to inspect the area a couple of days after the local water superintendent reported the damage.
Apparently the fence slats had been damaged and removed, and the sheriff found footprints at the scene. A couple of boards were also suspiciously placed, offering access to the tank.

Later, a resident complained of her skin burning after taking a shower. When officials checked they found a large amount of chlorine had contaminated the water. The tank supplies water to the Lakes of Aledo subdivision. Authorities drained the 12,000-gallon tank to get the chlorine levels back in line with the state mandate of 4 ppm or lower.

Some suspected the contamination was done deliberately because of the damage to the fence, while others said there was no way to tell and that it may have been an ice storm that affected the chlorination process used with the tank. Water officials claim the chlorine levels are maintained at about .8 ppm. Over the years, kids had been known to play on top of the tank, but a neighbor across the street said his dog hadn’t barked at anything alarming recently.

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