Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Connecticut Highway Service Plazas Require Environmental Cleanup

Leaking underground fuel storage tanks and some sort of groundwater contamination are at the center of a preliminary environmental cleanup deal being hammered out between Connecticut and Exxon Mobil.

Connecticut is entering a 35-year contract with new operators of the state’s 23 highway service plazas. The new operators have refused to accept responsibility for millions of dollars in environmental remediation necessary to clean up after Exxon Mobil, which sold fuel at the plazas over the past 30 years. The state’s Department of Transportation has apparently been playing both ends against the middle by first saying it was holding Exxon Mobil responsible and then also trying to convince the new operators to take on the clean-up work.
Fifteen of the plazas have leaking fuel tanks and an untold number of them have groundwater contamination issues.

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