Monday, October 11, 2010

CA Home Tagged "Uninhabitable" in Mercury Incident

October 9, 2010 - The home of a student, who took mercury to school on a school bus and prompted the lockdown of three schools, has been tagged "uninhabitable," according to firefighters.

The student spilled mercury in his home on the 200 block of 30th street, according to San Diego Fire-Rescue spokesperson Maurice Luque.

Mission Bay High School and two elementary schools were put on lockdown after the student allegedly took mercury to school and showed it to several classmates.

"One of the students, who was shown this mercury I guess, got some of it and took it on some paper to a ROTC instructor to show him and then he became concerned, as well he should have, and then notified school police," said Luque.

At least seven students at Mission Bay High School, a teacher and the bus driver were exposed, Luque said. Two of the students, including the student who took the mercury to school, and the bus driver tested positive for high levels of contamination. They were decontaminated and showered on campus.

Mercury is highly poisonous.


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