Monday, September 27, 2010

MA Mercury Search Continues

September 25, 2010 - Teams of environmental and public health workers continued to screen the homes of Grafton Street School students today after an accidental spill of mercury Tuesday at the elementary school.

The home screenings, which were expected to continue through the weekend, were prompted by the discovery of high levels of mercury on the belongings of 60 to 70 students, according to Catherine Young, an on-scene coordinator with the federal Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is one of several federal, state and local agencies responding to the spill.

Parents of students who were in Building 2 at the school at the time of the spill were asked to bring their children's clothing and backpacks to the school Thursday for testing.

Ms. Young said 60 to 70 items showed unsafe levels of mercury, 50 to 60 showed no contamination at all and 30 to 40 showed low levels of mercury.


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