Tuesday, September 21, 2010

City, CVS Sparring With State Over Bozeman, MT Superfund Site

September 14, 2010 - Twenty-one years after perchloroethene, a dry-cleaning fluid and suspected carcinogen, was discovered under the Hastings Shopping Center, there still isn't a plan to clean it up.

The city of Bozeman and CVS Pharmacy are responsible for cleaning up the Superfund site, dubbed the Bozeman Solvent Site. But the two say a state regulatory agency overseeing the remediation is dragging its heels. And they're prepared to take the state to court if the process doesn't speed up.

"The city and CVS will no longer accept management behavior from the (Montana Department of Environmental Quality,) which does nothing more than provide lengthy delays and abusive, arbitrary demands, while imposing unreasonable costs upon the taxpayers of the city of Bozeman and CVS," states an Aug. 31 letter to MDEQ from attorneys representing the city and CVS.


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