Thursday, August 5, 2010

SC Family Told to 'Avoid the Water' Being Pumped Into Their Home

August 5, 2010 - Dry cleaning soaps, degreasers, a total of ten toxic chemicals all found in one family's drinking water in Clover.

A few years ago Judy Miller and her husband had their 40-year-old home's plumbing redone.

"It was around that time I first noticed this chemical smell," said Miller.

Miller thought the cause of the smell was from the new pipes. She had the Department of Health and Environmental control test the water. The results were clear, but the smell remained.

"I got used to it and then it got a little worse and I started buying bottled water," said Miller.

So she called DHEC again to test the water one more time. Those results were scary.

"Do not come in contact with the water, do not drink it, do not bathe in it. Use it for toilet flushing only," Miller says she was told when the results came back.

The test said there were high levels of chemicals in the well water.

"TCE's is what they call them," said Miller.


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