Monday, August 16, 2010

Other Pollution, Distrust of Government Cloud GA Water Issue

August 15, 2010 - The Feagin Road area where a groundwater cleanup is under way is within the "encroachment zone" for Robins Air Force Base. Bibb County and other governments are interested in buying up residential properties there and moving people out of the noisy area to try to protect the base and its options for future missions.

The process has been contentious, and many neighbors say they distrust local government officials. Those suspicions lead residents such as Dave Hutchinson to be suspicious of any government warnings about the water.

Hutchinson, who lives on Kearnes Drive, said the Macon Water Authority extended water lines to the area about 15 years ago as a result of water contamination concerns.

Frank Amerson, chairman of the Macon Water Authority, remembers that the authority received a grant to pay for the water line extension because of the pollution.

Neighbors remember a variety of stories about the nature and source of the pollution cited at that time, but it seems to have been unrelated to the pipeline.


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