Monday, August 23, 2010

Hazardous Chemical Found in Spring Water in Salt Lake City, UT

August 18, 2010 - Residents living near East High School have noticed a slight oil sheen on the spring water near their homes for more than a month. Now the health department says the water has tested positive for a hazardous chemical.

Health officials say they don't know how long the chemical has been in the spring water in this area -- or where it came from.

Salt Lake City has determined that some private springs contain perchloroethylene (PCE), primarily in the areas from 700 South to Michigan Avenue and 1100 East to 1300 East. The drinking water is safe but recommends using municipal water rather than groundwater for any food cultivation.

For further questions, contact Salt Lake Valley Health Department at 801-313-6700. The levels are low, but they wanted to warn residents about the contamination.

Employees from the Salt Lake Valley Health Department (SLVHD) are hitting every house in the neighborhood between 700 South and Michigan Avenue and 1100 East to 1300 East. They're warning residents about a toxic chemical found in the springs near their homes.


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