Monday, August 2, 2010

DNR to Investigate Well Contaminations in Rogersville, MO

July 26, 2010 - State investigators will be in the Rogersville area this week sampling new locations to help determine the source of a chemical degreasing agent that has polluted at least 13 wells.

Renee Bungart, spokeswoman for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, said the agency will take samples from a former dry-cleaning business at Compass Plaza and the former Positronic electrical component manufacturing site east of the post office.

DNR staff will also collect samples around the former ice storm debris burn area, three additional wells around Industry Road that serve businesses and from additional springs in the area as part of the inquiry, Bungart said.

While the department has not been able to narrow down the potential source of trichoroethylene (TCE) contamination, Bungart said more sampling this week will help the department learn additional information.

According to DNR, out of 121 wells sampled to date, 13 have tested positive for TCE.


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