Monday, August 16, 2010

Contamination Leaves RI Residents Feeling Blue

August 13, 2010 - Residents of the Bay Street neighborhood in Tiverton have been living a nightmare for nearly a decade, since sewer work uncovered soil so contaminated, much of it was blue in color. Since that time, the long-suffering residents have encountered delay after delay and roadblock after roadblock in their quest to get the neighborhood cleaned up and return to a normal life.

They thought they had finally turned the corner this year when the cleanup began. But they have been dealt another frustrating setback. Now the town and the state must step in and take control. It is way past time for those in power to work for their constituents.

The saga began in 2002 when the contaminated soil was first discovered. The former Fall River Gas Co. is accused of using the neighborhood as a dumping ground, callously and illegally discarding such dangerous substances as petroleum, arsenic, cyanide and lead. Since the discovery, the residents have been trapped on poisoned land they had no chance of selling.


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Anonymous said...

FYI- Tiverton is in Rhode Island, not Massachusetts.