Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Former Canton, OH Alliance Plant Site Studied For Contamination

January 26, 2010- Daniel Percy proudly talks about his efforts to rehabilitate a dilapidated house, making it a comfortable family home. Now Percy questions how safe his home is, knowing that a short distance away, FirstEnergy is examining soil for hazardous or toxic materials — remnants of a manufactured-gas plant that burned coal to produce home-heating fuel about a century ago.

“I saw them over there drilling,” said Percy, of the 800 block of E. Patterson Street. “There were samples laying on the ground. White, gray, black. There was some green in it. It was nasty. It smelled like raw sewage. It didn’t look like any type of soil to me. It didn’t look like bedrock. If these kind of chemicals are in the ground, the soil is contaminated.”



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