Monday, July 27, 2009

Clyde, Ohio study on cancer in children to expand

July 25, 2009 - The Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency have gone on record several times as saying the number of childhood cancers for the relatively small Clyde area is no statistical fluke, that there must be an environmental problem triggering a cancer cluster.

Childhood cancers are far more rare than adult cancers. About 20 childhood cancers have been diagnosed in the Clyde area since 2001.

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Anonymous said...

There is enough clinical studies offering evidence to suggest that the polystyrene from plastic extrusion plants could contribute to childhood cancers and jet fuels being dumped over rural areas from commerical and military. Clyde isn't far from the larger highway systems where diesel fueled trucks dump tons of pollutants into the air along with coal-fire powerplants. Public water systems have been using pyrite(mercury contaminated) filter systems made from waste products while cleaning bituminous coals and road surfaces such as black top also have a pyrite base used in recent years to get rid of tons of waste produces from coal-firing power plants. You pick the evil... we're allowing our government and industry to abuse our children at alarming rates and even killing them because the EPA, CDC and FDA no longer have a set big enough to protect this countries citizens from greed based development.

Anonymous said...

Check into Fracking...
Oil companies using chemicals and explosives for oil drilling in the area.

Check the area for barium salt and aluminum levels. This could be linked directly to chemtrails, which are being sprayed all over the world.

Check the Flouride in the water sources... check out this video on horses that were contaminated with flouride in their drinking water.