Friday, April 3, 2009

Miami's Sector II: A Playground of Past Contamination

April 2, 2009- Children, thousands of them over the years, played in a sandbox and back yard of a day care center in the heart of Liberty City. It's located steps from the now demolished Scott Carver public housing project that's long been mired in financial scandal and public corruption. But what never made headlines is what's in the soil in this neighborhood known as Sector II.

Many of them are coming to terms with the fact that their daycare center, housing project and park and lake were developed around what was a 1940's dump site, a burial ground of toxic junk and solid waste.

They informed me that there was contamination on that property." Her reaction was to get the children "out of there," she explained." It could be anyone's children, and yet no one seemed to care here."


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