Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Toxic leak upsets Beachwood California homeowners

January 6, 2009 -

When Debra Fenner and her husband bought their Beachwood-area home in the Summit Meadows development in September, there were some things they didn't know.

They said they were not told, for instance, that Ranchwood Homes, which built their house, was being sued over polluted floodwater as part of a class-action lawsuit in a Fresno federal court.

Nor were they told, they said, of the toxic leak under the neighborhood caused by a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. (Merck's lawyers have argued that although there was pollution of the water by its subsidiary, there's no evidence anyone got sick from it.)

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Anonymous said...

ii actually heard dat thea was evidence dat pplz got cancer and birth deffects from it..