Monday, March 23, 2009

Maryland residents urge county to work faster on seeping landfill

March 18, 2009 - Rockville residents who raised concern about a seeping landfill off Gude Drive told Montgomery officials they are not satisfied with the county's efforts to mitigate the pollution, but the officials say they are doing their best to find a solution.

Hoyt, Peter Karasik of the county Division of Solid Waste Services and David Lake of the county Department of Environmental Protection agreed with Gude Landfill Concerned Citizens that the landfill, which operated from 1964 until 1982 before laws regulated landfill safety, is contaminating the surrounding environment.

The more than 100-acre landfill is leaching chemicals like cyanide, lead, mercury, benzene and more into the surrounding soil and groundwater, many at levels above the maximum allowed in drinking water by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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