Friday, October 24, 2008

EPA studies old solvent spill in New Mexico

October 6, 2008 - According to EPA officials, between the early 1960s and mid 70s, cleaning solvents were spilled onto the ground at Holiday Cleaners, causing the ground to be contaminated with water concentrations to be higher than EPA standards.

“The presence of chlorinated solvents in ground water as the GCSP site is a result of releases from dry cleaning operations,” the EPA reported stated.

The contamination was discovered in 1993 by the New Mexico Environmental Department and the agency immediately contacted the EPA and the investigation began. In 2004 the site was listed on the National Priorities Listing. In 2006 a Record of Decision was signed by the EPA making it a Superfund site.

The primary contaminant of concern is PCE, which has been found at levels up to 51,000 parts per billion in the ground water. The federal drinking water standard allowable under the Safe Drinking Water Act is 5 ppb.

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