Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Officials seek source of contamination in Rockville, Maryland stream

August 11, 2008 - The Maryland Department of the Environment and the county's Department of Parks say the waterways leading into Flower Valley Neighborhood Park in Rockville are contaminated, but officials do not yet know what caused the contamination.

Contact with the streams is prohibited, according to an announcement on the Montgomery County Department of Parks Web site.

The contamination occurred upstream and outside of the park, which is located at 4510 Hornbeam Drive, killing "a significant number" of fish and other aquatic life, according to the announcement.

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Anonymous said...

It's possible that the source of contamination in the creek flowing through Flower Valley Neighborhood Park is the park itself. Many parks across the country have been developed on top of closed dumps (landfills). Historical research, including a property title search of the park, would reveal previous land-use.
Janice R. England
People Investigating Toxic Sites